The Unwanted Houseguest

I don’t remember when
You crept into my life
You’ve been with me for years

A sometime visitor
Hardly more than an acquaintance
For most of my life

So why lately have you felt
This need to monopolize my time?

You demand my attention
I am getting to know you far better
Than I had hoped to or wanted

You fill my life
With your meaningless prattle

This being more involved with you
Has meant the loss
Of being with others I prefer far more

You are vicious and cold, unrepentantly needy
And terribly greedy of all of me (and my time)

No longer content with the infrequent visit
You have moved into my home
And taken over the space as if it was yours all along

I must cater to you
For fear of seeing the monster you are

I make excuses for you to the others in my life
Try to explain that I am still their friend,
Their mother, their neighbor…his wife

If you were on Facebook,
I’d “unlike” and “unfriend” you

I appreciate the lesson
You’re trying to teach
But you’re still a most dreadful companion

For your name is Pain
And I would live without you


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