Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do…or Not.

It’s true.  You’ve heard the rumors, so let me just put this straight out there.  We broke up.  We’re no longer together.  I’m not sure why it happened, I mean…we hadn’t been fighting, there wasn’t any apparent unhappiness. And out of the blue, I get a phone call.  “It’s time we terminate the employee relationship.”  Six years of my (work) life, gone in a 45 second phone call.  I guess they wanted to work with someone else.

Real classy way to let someone know that they no longer have a job…although I guess there’s a lower chance of the employee going postal and killing people if you say it long distance and not to their face.  And after the initial shock, not that great a blow.  It’s a relief, actually.  Not having to worry about pushing myself to get back into the saddle again, so to speak.  No pressure to return to the 9-to-5 until I am completely healthy.  And they are within their legal rights, as they were very careful to say that the termination is because of my medical condition and that when I am ready and able to return to work, I am “immediately rehire-able”.  Don’t hold your breath.

I started in December of 2002, took a hiatus for 15 months over 2004-2005 and had worked there since.  So six straight years of loyal employment.  Six years of showing up, doing my job and not just doing it, but doing it well.  Two years of taking reservations and setting up calls, then four years of postcall services.  Excelling in each position, overachieving and generally being considered a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for both departments.  Wrote MOST of the Standard Operating Procedures for 3 out of 5 departments (with help from several other SMEs).  Began the Disaster Recovery policy and procedures documentation for the entire workplace.  Was consistently told how “awesome” I was, that I was a “rockstar”…but was never promoted.  Was never hired for the training department even though I taught the reservations class twice.  Never even made it to Team Lead, let alone supervisor.  Completely ignored the 3 times I applied for IT positions, even though I had the qualifications.  Consistently passed over for other positions that I applied for, with the pat on the back and being told “you were one of the best applicants”–but apparently not hireable.  (But younger, attractive women were…go figure.)  Told to apply for those positions when others were promoted to higher paying jobs without requiring the quoted (to me) policy of “posting every new position for applications and interview process”.

Rehire?  I don’t think so.  I was the one who covered the shit shift for the better part of 4 years, the one who couldn’t take off a day without pushback about “covering your shift” while everyone else got days off whenever they asked.  And when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I had to fight, tooth and nail, to get any accommodation beyond ergonomic keyboard and chair.  My doctor specifically wanted me on a day shift and all I heard was “needs of the business” and no one else “wanted to cover the shift”.  Hate to rain on your parade, but a doctor’s orders take precedence over someone else’s “wants”.  Needs of the business applies to the entire department, not just one person.  Yet somehow the shift was covered when I went out on short term disability the first time.  And when I went back to work, I was given the day shift (because the doctor, bless him, had made that mandated for my ability to return at all)…and the end of the world did not come and the evenings were all covered.  Gee….

And now here I am, second time out for short term disability.  (Probably should NOT have pushed and gone back to work the first time, since going to work lasted only 6 weeks before I was too ill to work again.)  FMLA expired, losing me the protection of my actual job–and within something like 2 weeks, I was “terminated for medical reasons”.  Even though all along, everyone at work had been assuring me that they would work with me, that my job was secure, that I just needed to focus on getting well.  So our breakup phone call was a shock, to say the least.  I suspect it was done so that they can justify the new hire request for my job.  Even though one of my coworkers was out for months for medical; they hired in-house temporary to cover the slot while he was getting better.  Apparently there is not equal treatment for all employees.  Re-hire?  Not if you offered me the CEO position.

I’m going to find me a new love, a better job, where my efforts will lead to promotions, and my worth will be both recognized and rewarded by my bosses.  To quote Eliza Doolittle from “My Fair Lady”, “I can do…without you.”


One thought on “Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do…or Not.

  1. If I thought there was a chance in heck your former employers might actually utilize the Web to track their employee’s exploits, I’d say that ammounted to a mid-yield thermonuclear device under the bridge…

    But since they’re hopeless, clusless, and apparently suffering from a complete void of leadership at all levels of the company, I would say “well said”.

    I wish it didn’t remind me so much of another un-named employer close to home as-it-were…

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