Just Letting You Know

I have finally added a bunch of the Pages I had been wanting to…these are older essays that I wrote some time back but still wanted to share with others.  They represent my point of view at the time.  I don’t promise that I STILL hold them to be completely accurate for me, as I have walked a path from Wicca to Tibetan Zen Buddhist, but I believe that they are a good starting point for lively discussions.

I have also added the first 31 chapters of my murder mystery that I am writing.  Please enjoy it thus far…and when I actually finish it, I’ll let you know where you can buy it to find out “who dunnit”.  LOL

Once I can get my hands on my external hard drive that has the files I want, I will be adding some more Pages of various writings and stuff I want to share.  So come back and check it out!  And of course, there will be some more postings…

And thank you for reading ANYTHING I write.  It’s nice to be able to share my thoughts with you and I welcome your comments.  I do view this as a dialogue, not just a Kitty Karnival of Kookiness and K-noweldge.

Looking forward to our conversations, and Namaste!


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