Reunited and It Feels So Good

I won’t ask you to read through our joyous reunion and the huggy kissy lovey stuff.  Let’s just say that it happened and leave it at that.

So we’ve been settling back into our routine.  Beloved continues to adjust to the new meds and is doing very well although because they are new and he’s not used to them, it will take some time to learn what is “normal” for this medication and his body.  Now we can turn our attention to more pressing matters, like where’s the money going to come from.  No paychecks since February is starting to be…boring.  I hope to get more money from my short term disability claim–they paid out a week but then wanted “more” documentation to continue benefits.  The insurance company and my doctor’s office played phone tag for about 2 months and FINALLY got it together last Friday.  I look forward to hearing from the insurance company tomorrow or Wednesday with the happy news that a check for the past 7 weeks is in the mail.  In the meantime, I am still trying to do things and differentiating between Pain, Aches and Soreness as subtopics for the every-present question of what hurts.  Now it’s more of “how” does it hurt in order to determine my general well-being each day.  Oh for a husband with an engineer’s mind and way of looking at things; he quantifies everything and needs to have me do that so he knows how today relates to yesterday.  Is it better or worse, or is it about the same?  So I am learning how to make those fine distinctions so that I can accurately rate my health.

So.  I have Pain.  I always have Pain.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a day where there was not some pain, some where.  And one does get used to it.  However, I also have some soreness–muscle aches where I am using them for the first time in a long time.  Like taking up running or learning how to play golf, there are muscles that ache from use, not from undefined reasons as most of my Pain does.  Other than fibro, I mean.  My legs are sore because I drove 7 hours on Wednesday after not driving at all for almost 3 months.  I am very thankful for cruise control or they would be even more sore.

I cooked today.  I also got the dishwasher loaded and run.  Major accomplishments, sigh.  I made Lebanese style rice–uncooked basmati rice mixed with a cooked combination of fried onions,garlic, pieces of vermicelli (NOT cooked but fried in the same olive oil as the onions), black pepper, mint, and cinnamon, which was then all cooked together in the rice cooker.  Mild flavor but a nice change from “plain ole rice”.  Also made homemade mac’n’cheese — with some minor adjustments.  Not macaroni but orzo and farfalle (rice shaped and bow shaped pasta); cheese part was a creamy sauce of pasteurized but NOT homogenized local (pastured cows) milk and muenster cheese, fried onions,  roasted garlic and oregano, black pepper and just a dash of nutmeg.  I suspect that my right arm will be sore tomorrow because I had to carry and lift pans as I drained the pasta, put it into a large mixing bowl and then added the sauce and stirred it all together.  Can we say NOM!?

I had movie passes so beloved and I went to see Avengers on Saturday–good movie and without giving anything away (I hope) I will tell you that hubby’s favorite line from the movie is “Hulk?….Smash!”.  If you go to see it, STAY TO THE BITTER END OF THE CREDITS.  There are TWO “easter egg” clips.  Well done and the other movies leading up to it made it interesting to see how a god, a millionaire tycoon playboy, a somewhat idealistic man from the past and the others interacted–and the movie dealt with that very well.  I especially enjoyed how Captain America had to deal with his being “out of time” and not recognizing the current pop culture icons, etc…not knowing about computers…instead of them glossing over the time and giving him an equal standing with the others.  In fact, at one point, he says “I know that one! I recognize that!”, which was very cool.

So we’re just doing our usual thing, which is not much.  I want to start blogging about industrial versus organic/farm fresh foods and will probably add another section to this to do it.  We’ve changed our diets to get rid of things like high fructose corn syrup and aspartame and I would like to share what we’ve learned and give links to whatever I can find that will help you all choose a better way of eating.  So keep an eye out for that.  Dunno how fast I’ll get to it, just doing a teaser here.  I must do laundry or go naked and frankly, that’s not an option.  Not if I want to leave the house.  So laundry it is.  Need to wash towels as well.  Unload the dishwasher and put in the bits from eating today.  Think about what I can cook for dinner tomorrow.  Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s pleasing to me to have these small domestic things to do and that I CAN do.

I just keep living one day at a time, one moment at a time, moving from this moment to the next “this” as it comes in turn.  Will report back to you again in a week or so, barring major developments or something enraging me enough that I have to blog about it.  They’re calling for thunderstorms tomorrow, so that may be interesting…sit out on the porch and watch the show if the wind isn’t blowing the rain too much.




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