From “A is For” and their “Your Nightly Need to Know”

The top story line was this:
An Oklahoma rape victim was refused emergency contraception by hospital staff due to “religious objections”. (News 9)

This is the comment I posted:

Concerning the OK rape victim and “religious objections” — this isn’t just about contraception, folks. 15 years ago, I worked as a nurse’s aide for the geriatric population. On duty one night, a resident kept calling me to complain about various symptoms. I knew that she had not been getting one of her medications because one of the day nurses had religious objections to giving narcotics. I went to the night nurse I was working with, and using the desk reference book, pointed out that all of the resident’s symptoms were those of morphine withdrawal, consistent with the removal of her meds. The nurse checked the chart and asked me why that pill had not been ordered when it ran out or given as prescribed. Once I explained the reason, she called and got an emergency prescription of the med and gave it to the resident–who had been on that medication for over 10 years. You don’t just cold turkey someone on that kind of medication–and a nurse has no business overriding a doctor’s orders, not even for “religious objections”. If your religion won’t let you do your job, find a new one. (Job, not religion)

The point I’m making here is if contraception can be withheld for religious reasons, what happens if you need a narcotic and your nurse doesn’t think you should have it because it’s against her religion? Or you need a blood transfusion and the doctor doesn’t believe in it? Men, this involves you as well. If religion is going to dictate our medical choices, removal of testes for cancer won’t be allowed because that’s (by definition) a form of contraception. Vasectomies? A thing of the past in our glorious New World Order.
Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins, the saying goes. I absolutely protect your right to practice any religion you choose–but NOT if it infringes on my right to practice my religion, make medical choices, affects my job and so on. There is an inherent arrogance in the idea that “religious objections” give you the right to choose for me, that your faith somehow imbues you with the knowledge of what is right for me–whether I want it or not. As far as I am concerned, this is not just about “religious objections” but the far more insidious concept that anyone with a religious objection is somehow more superior than anyone else which gives them the right to deny those who do not agree with them to the basic human rights. It’s about equality, the completely equal rights and the total freedom for ALL to live their lives based on personal moral choices without exception.
I have “religious objections” to anything else.


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