What to do With an Evil Genius Smart Toddler?

So beloved and I went to the daughter’s for Memorial Day, which also happened to be my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday.  I realize I am biased, but she is the best, smartest, most wonderful fabulous girl child a grandmother could hope for.  (Grandchildren are God’s way of rewarding you for not killing your own children.)  So for our purposes, I will refer to her as “EG” (Evil Genius), like I refer to my grandson as “Froggy”.  This is a public forum and I prefer to use aliases just because.

We left home early enough to beat the searing heat that was promised (and certainly showed up).  My daughter, Lizard, lives on the edge of a national forest in an apartment that is amazingly nicer than her last place–better neighborhood, nicer neighbors, and the apartment itself is very nice.  They are up on the 3rd floor so it was interesting for both of us to make it up there…but it does give them a nice balcony and view.  EG seemed happy to see us, which was good because we haven’t had the chance to see her as often as we’d like.

We of course took her a birthday present–she has been fascinated by a 20 sided die that granddad has.  It’s mostly clear, but has some colored sparkles inside of it.  So we got her 5 of these dice, in a slightly larger size so that she can’t put them into her mouth.  Starting her early as a “Gamer Girl”…and it IS a teaching toy, as the numbers on the die can be used to help her learn her numbers and identifying them by sight.  She liked them because they were colorful and the only warning we had to give her mother is that she might fling them and cause dings on the wall.  Oh well.

We also took tuna salad, Grandpa made, with the idea that this would be our lunch and leftovers would be used up during the rest of the week.  (Since my daughter told me that EG loves tuna salad.)  Her father had indicated that she would only eat the salad he made, so beloved felt that was a bit of a challenge.  After everyone got to taste it, the general consensus was that Grandpa’s tuna salad was, and I quote, banging!

Well, it got to be lunchtime and as we began to express our hunger, EG’s dad (CJ) says, “I want wings” and that was like magic words…we ALL wanted wings.  And oh what wings they were.  From a local place, with about 15 different sauces.  So I got an order with Old Bay and an order with lemon pepper.  Lizard got something she called “24 carat gold” which is a very nice honey mustard.  CJ got Buffalo at thermonuclear levels of hot.  Beloved got teriyaki and something called “tandoori”– which were amazing, and it’s a curry style rub.  The wings themselves were crisp but juicy–and HALAL, which is the Muslim form of Kosher.  Larger wings, just incredibly good.  We fell on them and ate like starving wolves.  NOM!

The other adults were amused that they got me to watch about 3 movies I had never seen before: How to Train Your Dragon, Stardust, and Cars.  We spent a lovely day, doing nothing stupendous other than sharing time with each other.  I got to snuggle with my granddaughter, which was golden and spend time with her mom and dad as well.  Lizard was happy that I got to see her house–and she has decorated and arranged it to be homey.  EG has her own room, which has glow in the dark stars for her to look at as she falls asleep…and butterflies and flowers for daytime.  The big bear that we gave her last year sits in a place of honor by her bed.  (He’s about 4 feet tall, so “big bear” is an accurate description.)  She is also working towards a “big girl bed” without side rails.

It was fun to listen to her speak, as her vocabulary is expanding exponentially and she actually says three syllable words–like “Amazing”!  She has an incredible attention span for a child her age and is certainly living up to the early description of evil genius smart.  I certainly consider it worth the 2 hour drive to see her and of course, I’m always glad when they come down to our house.

So Monday was the start of a good week.  My meds are starting to really be good and almost to the levels I need.  Probably have a little more tweaking here and there to really fine tune it, but…for the first time in over a year, I have the feeling of “normal”.  I mean, like I used to feel.  It’s a fragile thing, easily broken because of the loss of muscle tone and lack of endurance, but it’s a start back to feeling (dare I say it) actually good!?  Less pain, more able to do things.  Saw the chiropractor on Saturday and asked him to adjust my hands and wrists–and there was NO pain after having it there for more than a year.  I can actually do things with my hands again.  It’s an amazing thing.  I still tire easily and like I said, got to build up both muscle tone and endurance, but it’s a brighter looking future than I had 2 months ago.  Better living through chemistry!

We’re still utterly poor and trying to work out how to increase the money income…I need to go to Fredericksburg and find the VA office, to see what kind of benefits I am eligible for (after a 4 year stint in the Air Force)–quite possibly they will pay for meds, possibly doctor visits.  That would help immeasurably.  Looking into the food stamps thing.  Contacting the lawyer to start the process for application and approval of SSDI for both of us.  Or as my friend told me, “Decide what you need and then figure out how to ask for it.”

Got the console table put at the front door, parallel to the fridge, where we can drop our keys; it also holds our SodaStream unit.  Beloved is working on sliding the desks around a bit and get me off the laptop and onto a desktop.  (He’s got me playing a new game and so he’s got incentive to get me onto a computer that can do it gracefully without incredible latency.)  Hopefully we can also sort through the boxes that are still floating around and find places to store it which will open up space.  Our friend has offered seating in the form of couch, chair and ottoman once she replaces them with her own new set.  So we also have reason to get things in better order.

The rearrangement of the kitchen continues to prove the worth of that move–it is accommodating to the reality of our lives and makes working in there much easier.  We are trying to have that mindset for the rest of the house: arrange it to accommodate our reality, the reality of disability and inability to do things in the “normal” way.  We are both mentally capable of making that distinction and have the desire to see it through.  And we have friends that will help with the heaviest stuff.

So that’s about it for now.  I hope that the improvement will continue, at least to a level that allows some quality of life and ability to do things with my hands.



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