Yes I said it.  Vagina.  Should have no more impact than saying nose or eyebrow or knee.  But apparently it does have more impact in Michigan.  Please tell me that you are following the –not just war, but extermination nearly–on women in that state.  That you know how the Speaker of the House silenced a female Representative with his gavel for saying, and I quote, “I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina.  But no means no.”  Really?  Are you effing kidding me?  If a man had said “I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my penis.  But no means no.”, he would have been applauded.  Standing ovation.

Vagina.  I am frightened by the depth of vitriol from those who would put women locked back into the 1950’s mold: Donna Reed, Harriet Nelson–always immaculately groomed, with a sparkling clean home and a nice hot dinner waiting for the husband to return from work.  No other choice but motherhood (if the good Lord blesses you with offspring and if “He” doesn’t, well, it’s somehow your failure) and wife.  No degree but that “MRS” is worthy–or attainable.  No wonder their houses were ungodly clean and they had their hair done…there was nothing else for them to do.  What a monumental waste of intelligence!  What a slap in the face to women who are just as capable, just as ambitious for a chance to do “more” with their lives as any male.

Vagina.  Why are men so frightened by a woman who can change her own flat tire (or her own oil, for that matter) or a woman who holds a degree and the job that goes with that schooling?  What does it cost them to permit a woman to have the same opportunities?  Apparently more than they can stand.

Vagina.  As women, as females in this society, we have fought too hard and for too long to let anyone (let me say it again: ANYONE) to strip away those hard earned RIGHTS–things that should have been ours the moment the Constitution was signed.  The right to vote.  The right to our own bodies.  YES, the right TO OUR OWN BODIES–the SAME as men have.  Can you imagine the maelstrom if we limited men the same way they are trying to limit us?  We see some of this with the addenda to (anti-abortion) bills that seek to require men to have a physical evaluation and an EKG before being given Viagra–which is not about abortion or fetus’ rights AT ALL.  Men have sex for fun, more or less completely.  They can do it without birth control, with anyone they please and *say* that they are trying to create a child–but since they are not the ones who carry it, it doesn’t matter to them if a child results from their sexual activity or not.  And it doesn’t impede their sexual activity at all.  They can use condoms because it’s to protect against disease, not to prevent a pregnancy, right?  They can get their Viagra prescriptions and penile enhancements (read hydraulic support for a penis that can no longer get it up alone) without any restriction.  Fellows, I have news for you: if your John Thomas refuses to rise for the occasion, that’s your body’s way of saying you’re not in physical condition to create a child.  NO SEX FOR YOU!

Vagina.  Even those men who have religious beliefs that limit them to procreative sexual congress only…probably masturbate.  Oh dear gods, that opens up a whole new line of logical illogic.  If you can only have sex to create a child, masturbation for MEN is a crime.  (Women of course can continue to masturbate all they want because it doesn’t have anything to do with procreation.  Hooray for multiple orgasms!)  Men who masturbate are denying some egg somewhere the chance to join up and make a zygote.  And no matter how much you’d like it to be so, a zygote has ZERO chance of living outside of the protection of the womb.  Same thing with a fetus, until about 6th or 7th month–and babies born that early have a myriad of health issues.  There’s a reason that incubation time is 9 months; it takes that long for the sperm and egg mixture to reach a level where it could survive outside of the mother’s body.  Technically, that cluster of cells, from the sperm and egg colliding up through “baby”,  inside of that womb is a parasite, taking what it needs from the mother’s body in order to mature to a point where it can leave and then function on its own.  If it comes early, medicine should do what it can to ensure its continued survival, with humanitarian limits.  Don’t force a body too weak to survive to linger on, have some respect for the soul that is within that weakened or malformed shape and if it is to travel on, let it go with dignity and peace.  (This is also true of the elderly members of our society.)

Vagina.  The other questions I keep asking are these: why would any man want a brainless, useless uterus with legs to be his wife, his help-meet, his PARTNER in life? If you have to pull in a paired harness and only one of you is capable of pulling, the other is an impediment to forward motion.  Why would an intelligent man want to spend his life with someone who cannot carry on a meaningful conversation and understand his work?  Why would he want someone he has to tell what to do because she’s not able to make decisions on her own?  The concept of the gorgeous, busty stupid sex slave, who exists to serve “only you, my master” makes for great porn but not so great real life.

Vagina.  I read Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaiden’s Tale” and thought it an interesting science fiction book.  Now I think about and consider it a prediction–it seems that it’s where we headed, with women not being taught to read or write, just to recognize the icons for each type of store so that she can shop.  In the book, the government was a theocracy, which is also where we seem headed–except that we are not ALL Christians, so a great portion of the population is going to be stripped of their freedom of religion or face persecution.  And the catch to that theocracy?  Is that the MEN in charge led a double life–the public, prim and proper God-fearing, “good” life and then the other, the almost more real and true persona, the hedonistic, “sinning” and doing what they said was wrong  for everyone else life.  Not unlike those today who say one thing and do another.  When words and actions do not match, trust the actions to be true.

Vagina.  And right now, the words and actions of the Republican Party DO NOT MATCH.  They spout rhetoric about the sanctity of life (for fetuses only, apparently) and the “Christian” way of life but I firmly believe that if that carpenter from Nazareth walked into any legislative building in this nation, particularly the one in MI, there would be a repeat episode of his casting the money changers out of the temple.  There would also be a great deal of surprise when they all waved and said, “Hi Jesus, it’s me” and he said, “I do not know you. You have not followed my teachings or my examples.”

Vagina.  This obsession with legislating women’s reproductive rights also has great potential to lead to other medical dilemmas–in fact, Michigan (once again!) is leading the way to allowing people’s religion to determine what they will (or will not do) in a medical situation–and they cannot be legally held responsible if they object on religious grounds.  That means that MY (NON-Christian) body could be denied life-saving medicine or narcotic pain management…and their religious right are state-mandated and mine are not.  OOPS, against the Constitution.  The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….” and Article VI specifies that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”  In other words, your religion has NOTHING to do with your job–and if it does, find another freaking job.  Consider it a handicap and adjust accordingly.

Vagina.  This is not just about physical medicine.  We’re also talking mental health here–and I saw a post that said, “Some counseling centers hire all Christian employees–and you are sent there by the state and cannot leave.  All day long, from everyone there, you get “You are a sinner, you have sinned, you must accept Christ as your savior”–with no reprieve from this and probably not the best nor most unbiased assessment of your mental state.  They really would not like me–I identify as a Tibetan Zen Buddhist and do not believe in the need to accept anyone as “my savior” because I believe in reincarnation.  My life is just the way it is supposed to be, thank you very much.  I guess I’d never get to go home because I would not, could not accept Christianity.  Believe me, I tried–but they just could not answer my questions.  And they really don’t want you to ask questions, just do what the pastor says.  (Not all Christians are like this, and I know that–but the ones that are championing these absurd laws are so sure that they are right and that God is on their side that there is NO compromise.)

Vagina.  And that is the issue, really.  No compromise from someone who is so dead set sure they have the ONLY way to live a “good life”–which a lot of them do not follow themselves–and when you KNOW something, that’s when you stop learning.  As my beloved says, Michigan is their proving ground, their model of how the US is going to be if they get their way.  And THAT scares the shit out of me because I’m WAY too mouthy to put up with the Pharisee’s disease,  (“Look at me, God, see how good I am, I’m so much better than *that* man over there”) and will not step away from my spiritual path for anything that does not hold the truth for me.  Christianity has failed to offer me truths that allow me to live a life that is peaceful, filled with loving kindness and honoring all that is sacred.  I also absolutely do NOT believe in telling other people how to live their lives, what to believe–and what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.

Vagina.  Let’s talk about what’s going on behind the curtain (“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” ~Wizard of Oz)….out front, it looks like a war on women–and make no mistake, it is.  It really is.  But in the background…there’s a lot of money being moved around, people get paid off, politicians being outright bought to vote according to corporate agendas instead of voting as their constituents would want.  Did you know that Congress can actually use insider trading to make money?  Everyone else (not just “anyone else”) would go to jail for that.  The Koch brothers are paying for lots and lots of what they want–and considering how much money they are worth, it really is a case of buying whatever you desire.  Not quite sure what their end game is except to keep what they have while increasing it.  But really, how much money can one person spend without getting into the stupid level of rich, where you own a solid silver Mercedes Benz that cannot be driven (one of the sheiks in the Middle East has one) …or you have a wedding that cost millions of dollars and then get a divorce within days?  Such a waste, such an obscene waste of money that could have been spent on providing food for the hungry, clothes for the naked and housing for those who are living on the street or in slums.  Money that could have been spent supporting innovation and invention, which our country has lost.  Oh we can improve and upgrade, but there’s not a lot of really NEW ideas coming along.  A trip to the movies proves that when everything is either based on an old movie, an old TV show, or comic books.  It’s a sin to have so much money that if you spent a million dollars a day, it would still last you the rest of your life.  Remember, it’s not that money is the root of all evil, it’s the LOVE OF MONEY that is root of all evil–and those One Percenters LOVE their money.

Vagina.  “We the people” is how it was written.  NOT “We the men, oh and I guess the women as well”.  “We the people” need to get ourselves involved in what’s going on in politics.  If you do NOTHING else, you need to VOTE.   Register, keep the info updated and go to the polls when it’s time to cast your ballot–local, statewide or national!  Attend the local council meetings.  Ask questions, make them explain the legislation in plain fricking English, not in the legalese bullshit that most laws are written in–so that you can hardly tell exactly what they are about.  Twenty years ago, I visited a friend living in AZ–and her job was to read the bills that were being voted on and write a synopsis in plain English so that the representatives knew what they were voting on.  If our elected officials can’t understand it, how can we–and why aren’t the laws being written in plain English?  I can tell you why–to obfuscate all the nasty little add-ons that make what was a good, even great law into something that chips away at this right or that piece of national park or lets oil companies frack us up.

Vagina.  So there is a war on women, on women’s rights, on women’s choices for themselves.  Believe it.  Believe it and fight it on every level that you can.  Spread the word, share this with anyone you think will agree and benefit from reading it.  Refuse to be silenced.  Be a SLUT that ROCKS the Vote (Rock the Slut Vote) — be proud to be a SLUT because it’s what those men really want to get rid of.  Let’s put this into perspective: what is the difference between a whore, a slut, and a bitch?  A whore is a woman who has sex with anyone for money; a slut is a woman who has sex with anyone (but it’s her choice, know what I mean?)…and a bitch?  Is a woman who has sex with anyone EXCEPT you.   Once you stop laughing, you’ll realize that being a SLUT means that you choose who you’re going to have sexual relations with and whether you want to make a child with them.  Oh wait, that requires birth control.  But if you’ve got it, then your choices continue to be myriad–you can get a job, go to college, have a career…or have a child and any of the prior…or get married and have a child and any of the first choices…but it is ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE.  And these old white men, and the few women and younger men they’ve convinced to agree with them, want to take that away from you.

Vagina.  I have a vagina; my daughters each have a vagina and my granddaughter has a vagina; my daughter-in-law has a vagina.  And I don’t want them to be denied any choice that they want to make.  I want them to have the same freedoms, the same RIGHTS as the penis people.  And I am so adamant in that belief that I am becoming a political person–me, the most NON-political person you’d ever meet.  I will not sit down and be quiet like a good little girl.  I will not be silenced for stating the obvious truth that legislators are obscenely overly interested in my vagina and what I do with it–and that they need to get a life.  I will vote this November to ensure that my rights continue to be protected, that our country does NOT become a Christian theocracy (which is all show and no real substance, no real living like Christ and doing as he taught).  I will continue to post blogs and statuses on my various pages that will keep this war up front, out there with our breasts, reminding everyone that has a vagina that we need to become a huge vagina fellowship–to be united in our desire to keep everyone else out of our vaginas (unless WE invite them to discover the wonder that is a vagina), to WIN this war that is being waged against us.

V is for VOTE, which you need to do–register if you haven’t!
A is for Anger, that someone else wants to control your body
G is for Gathering–getting all women to realize that we must stand together and fight this
I is for Information, telling all the women you know about this, keeping yourself informed
N is for Networking, using the Internet and social media (FB and Twitter) to spread the word
A is for Achieving VICTORY at the polls this November!

VAGINA.  I have one and I’m going to keep it safe from stupid laws.  You do the same, okay?



  1. Nice article. I like how you said “vagina” a lot. I also read “A Handmaid’s Tale,” but even back in the 90’s, perceived it as cautionary. I have created a handy chart that readily differentiates between vaginas and terrorists. You can check it out here: Keep on rockin’!

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