The Long and Winding Road….


So it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’d like to bring you up to date on life in general.


I last posted a (fairly) long blog about my dad but it’s been too long since I’ve talked to my parents.  Guess that’s on my “to do” list.  Along with a bunch of other things.  Sigh.  The weather has been playing havoc with my fibro, so it’s not been a particularly active month–along with it being too damned hot to go to the pool.

So Beloved and I have been doing our thing on the computer, taking lots of naps and only going out when we must–for food, to deposit the disability check in the bank and to see doctors.  We are filling out the forms for permanent disability and will go to the lawyer’s office for her clerk to help us file them electronically and start that process.  They really aren’t that horrific to fill out, just lots of pages for doctor information–and that’s the hardest part, finding all the contact info for this MD or that.

We did have a bright spot in this month–we spent last weekend up in Reston, with his best friend (and his girlfriend). Nice to be out of the house and looking at someone else’s 4 walls.  Had lots of good food, good wine, played some interesting (European) table games and talked, talked, talked.  Nothing outrageous, but lots of fun.  Between his work schedule and our lack of gas money, we don’t get to see them often enough.  So 36 hours of togetherness was a good thing.  Funny part about it was that we packed like we were going on safari…took our laptops, took our cpap breathing machines, took food to share…took our pillows and blankies, too, LOL.

Drove down to Fishersville (a 2 hour trip, each direction) yesterday only to find out that the doctor was having surgery (nothing major) and Beloved’s appointment had been cancelled–but they hadn’t been able to reach us.  Oops!  That’s what we get for giving them the landline and then turning off the ringer.  It was a nice ride.  Waste of gas, but a nice ride.  So we’ll be going back down there next week to make up for the miss.

Got to talk to my children recently, which is always a good thing.  When my daughter-in-love calls me, I can hear the Froggy in the background.  He is a most emphatic speaker!  And she says he’s already telling her “nah” (no) about things.  He’s sitting up on his own, holds his own bottle and can feed himself his finger foods–and is learning the sign language signs for drinking and eating (and needing a diaper change).  He also indicates when he is sleepy and wants a nap.  Being able to communicate meaningfully with your child removes a great deal of the frustration of new parenting.  And since babies CAN sign earlier then they can speak, this is a good way to “talk” with them.  I know it helps her that he is picking up on this fast–and has a laid-back temperament, since she has to do so much of it by herself, with Dad being gone to work.  (And I got to talk to *him* online one evening, just by chance.)

I also got to talk to my Lizard, and while we’re talking, EG comes by and Lizard asks her if she wants to say hi to Grandmom.  And I got to hear this little voice very clearly say, “Hi Grandmom”.  First time!  Yes, it made me tear up.  Her mother says that she is adding exponentially to her vocabulary and is stringing words together into sentences.  Hoping they can come see me soon.  I thought my children grew fast…my grandchildren are growing almost faster, it seems.  Or is it just that time moves faster on the downhill side?

I find myself getting more and more embroiled in political things.  Me, the most un-political person you’d ever meet.  How bad must it be, if I am willing to open my mouth about political stuff like the upcoming Presidential election?  And the current war on women?  (And if you think there isn’t a war on women, you haven’t been paying attention.)  And then there’s the social justice stuff, like boycotting Chik-Fil-A because they fund anti-gay groups and are against gay marriage.  If I were patient enough, I’d just wait until my grandchildren take over the world, but frankly, we need change now.  Women are being stripped of rights (and by association, power) and are headed back to being second class citizens…along with the gays, the blacks, the “others” that aren’t rich old white men.  The wealth in this country is so severely out of balance as to who has it and who doesn’t that we are headed for our own version of the French Revolution…history does repeat itself, especially if we will not learn from it.

The current Tea Party claims about this being a Christian country particularly offends me.  They are not apparently aware of just how many people, how many AMERICAN citizens are NOT Christian at all–including quite a few of the Founding Fathers, that they keep quoting as if they had been.  Learn your history,  stupid.  And “not Christian” does not mean “bad, immoral, evil”.  There is a reason we need to keep religion out of bed with politics–they just don’t make a good pair.  And when you KNOW that you are right, that you have the ONLY right way, there is no way to compromise with you about anything–and if that includes laws (like anti-abortion, transvaginal ultrasounds, no birth control, etc)….it just needs to stop.

Sorry, I’ll get down off my soapbox now.  For me personally, there is still a certain level of pain–and the weather just makes it go crazy.  I have been taking more pain pills, but on the other hand,  I feel like I’ve been a little more active, so maybe this is an improvement.  I have a website that I am transferring over to WordPress (but still hosting on my server) so that I can update the pages easier.  It’s a little bit at a time sort of work, to get the current content moved over.  Thank the gods for cut and paste!

So nothing major new, no real disasters to have to report.  Our friend who was in Europe most of the month (post-graduation trip) is home and coming today to spend this weekend with us, which will be fun.  Been a while since we’ve seen her and she brings a fresh energy into the house.  Who knows, we might even get some more house arranging done with her here to help?!

That’s about it for now…if I think of something else to post, I’ll try not to let it go more than a week!  Keep cool and do some fun summer thing.



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