Money Can’t Buy You Love

But it sure helps with everything else.  On the other hand, it keeps showing up in time for the most pressing of bills, so I cannot and do not complain.  I am grateful beyond words to those who have handed me money because I don’t own jewelry, Krugerrand, Old Master’s undiscovered paintings–in other words, things of enough worth to be worth selling.

We saw the doctor yesterday.  My blood pressure was 169 over 92.  Oops.  New pill added–high blood pressure pill with a diuretic which should help with the swelling and get the BP down.  Got all of our paperwork filled out and the doctor’s nurse was faxing the long term disability papers as we were walking out.  We took the papers for the insurance on our credit cards/loan to the bank and let them fax that–so that was a load off of our mind and I’m hoping that I can get a response from Matrix Absence Management (read “a disability benefit CHECK”) very soon.  A most productive day and one that removes a certain level of stress for both of us, especially Beloved, who cannot handle money stress at all.

No obligations until Friday, which is head-shrinking day.  We have some things we want to get done today and tomorrow, but nothing completely onerous except maybe the dishes.  If anyone knows either where to get them or how to attract them, I sure could use some dish fairies.

I have been asked to speak at the International Day of Prayer for Peace for the 3rd year in a row.  I have agreed, so I will have to find something to present, with a 3-5 minute window.  At least we are holding it in a Manassas church and I won’t have to drive to Woodbridge this year.  I’m thinking something about the divisiveness that is showing up in every area of our country, let alone religion.  I’ll post it up here after the event.

Need to call my parents as it’s been a while since I’ve talked to them, and “things”, as they say, have happened.  I also would like to hear from my daughter but with her work schedule it can be difficult to reach her.  Ditto the son.

We’ve reached the point where Beloved and I acknowledge that visitors, to change the look of our four walls, or outings (especially with friends) are an almost champagne-worthy event since we’re not getting that much of a break from staring at our four walls and each other.  (“I saw what you did all day.  What on earth do we have to talk about?”  LOL)  We have made the commitment to attend BRUU and the new interim minister is awesome, so that is at least one outing a week that does not involve a doctor.

So our paperwork has been accepted at the Social Security Administration and has been sent over to the first line of approval.  (Fingers crossed).  Dear gods I would so appreciate this going smoothly and quickly, as neither of us can really stand much more stress and worry about our living situation.

So that’s pretty much what’s been going on with us.  Will post again as things happen or in the next couple of weeks, depending on which occurs first.



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