Could Be Worse, Could Be Snowing…

It’s a rainy Tuesday evening, here in beautiful downtown Bealeton.  It’s been grey and wet all day, more of an aggressive mist than an actual falling of rain drops.

The weather is killing me; have taken all the meds I can take for pain and I’m trying to ignore the fact that they are not doing the job completely.  It’s just a fact of life, not trying to complain.  But it does highlight why I cannot return to work, indeed why I cannot do things I want to do, let along the things I’m supposed to do.  And I woke up feeling pretty good…

Thanksgiving went well.  The FIL was very happy to see the bacon encased Tom Turkey.  All the MIL could say was “Oh my God!”.  She sent most of the leftover meat back home with us, and I’ve had a couple of turkey sammiches.  Gonna boil off the bones (which she also sent with me) to make stock and then going to make soup out of it.  Have the dried beans plumping already.  Was going to make it today, but think that the plans have changed slightly…doing the grocery shopping has given me muscle spasms in my back–and I got home to realize that I did not buy the ground turkey I need for the meatballs to put in the soup.  Damn.  So I’ll change the water on the beans and put them in the fridge for tonight.  Run to the store tomorrow and get the meat, then come home and make the soup.

Trying to fill out various kinds of paperwork to get it back to the people who want it in time for their deadline–which means Beloved’s LTD papers will have to be faxed, but that’s actually okay with me because it means that we will retain a copy of it.  The act of filling them out makes my hands hurt, so it’s write some, rest some, write some more.  Funny how I’ve gotten so used to typing everything that writing, actual HANDwriting, is difficult.

We thought my son would be coming up to Norfolk this next weekend, but it isn’t going to happen that way.  The US Navy has its own way of doing things and it’s generally not what you think it’s going to be.  Keep changing it up and you keep everyone on their toes.  I guess.  So he will let us know what’s going on once he knows.  The Rainbat and Froggy are still scheduled to come along on the 8th–I bought him some snack food today and I found a cute stuffed frog  with a hook on its back (like a key chain, but it will attach to something on his chairs so that he can see it) at the drugstore the other day.  (And found a cute puppy for the EG, same thing about the hook.)

It’s a bit scary how freaking fast the Christmas ornaments and lights went up this past weekend.  I had not realized how many people have the tradition of decorating for the Yuletide the minute the Thanksgiving turkey has gone into the fridge as leftovers.  I guess it gives the women something to do while the men are watching football-and then on Friday, since hubby doesn’t have to go to work, you put him outside, hanging up strings of lights.  I’m already sick of the Christmas Carols.

Part of that is because I sang in choirs for literally YEARS.  My first solo was when I was 9 years old and I sang “Adeste Fideles” (O Come All Ye Faithful).  I know the words to pretty much ALL of the songs for this time of year.  There’s only just so many of them, you know.  No one’s written a new holiday song, everyone just does a new cover of an old song–and most oftentimes, it’s not a good cover.  Beloved knows better than to sing them around me…unless he’s purposefully teasing.  In which case, he gets what he deserves.

It will be a small Christmas…the in-laws have spent all their gift money keeping us off the street and frankly I wasn’t expecting ANY Christmas, so a limited one is perfectly acceptable and more than adequate.  I have no idea what we will be giving them.  I keep trying to think of something I could make, but then I get sidetracked…squirrel! and can’t come up with anything.  Sigh.  At least Beloved’s sister will be home from Chicago, where she’s doing her postgraduate work for costume design.  She needs the advanced degree if she wants to go anywhere in the field.  It’s a good thing, but it means that we don’t see her as often–she had been living in Philadelphia.  Can’t just jump on a train and be home when you’re up in the Windy City.

And as my title suggests, it’s also the time of year for snow.  Lovely to look at, but oh so bad for my bones.  And all suggestions are that it’s going to be a hard, hard winter.  The woolie bears are two inches thick and you can’t see their shell for the thickness of the fuzz…and all the acorns fell off the trees at once.  Thunk, onto the ground.  And the leaves on the trees…didn’t really change color before they also fell off.  The Farmer’s Almanac says it’s gonna be hard and we are due one, so… The worst storms come in February.  I shall hunker down and wrap myself in my blankets and ask Beloved to bring me hot chocolate.  But it’s not like we’ll be going to doctor’s appointments…since we lose insurance in 2 days.  Double sigh.

So that’s about it for us…not much going on, not much new.  But I do like to check in with you frequently, so I’ve done that.  And I’ll check in again, within the next couple of weeks.  So get your Christmas shopping done early and I’ll talk to you later!



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