Summer Vacation (In Place), Part 2

I do not know how I could forget to write this into my original post, but there you are.

So on Thursday the 10th, we picked up Beloved’s sister and headed south on Route 101 to get some breakfast at Golden Harvest. So we’re driving along and then… we see a man with some sort of animal that was NOT a dog…so we look closer.

It’s a man walking his turkey. Really. A male turkey, in full courting colors, fluffing his feathers as he struts down the sidewalk. His owner had a thin, long stick that he used to guide the turkey and keep it on the sidewalk.

Did you get that? It’s a man, WALKING HIS TURKEY!

Pretty much sums up life here in Eureka. Expect the unexpected and you’ll still be surprised at what shows up.

Of course, we talked about it for a while. We’re “newbies” here and really, a pet turkey is noteworthy.

We got our tattoos and then decided to celebrate that by going up to Arcata for California style sushi at Tomo. We had about 7 or 8 different kinds of roll, some great sake and good times. Our waiter was awesome, took care of us very well. So we’re settling the tab, it’s quiet in the restaurant, mostly empty of other patrons. We’re talking to the waiter about SIL visiting, the stuff we’ve done to show her the town…and we mention the turkey.

“I danced with that turkey.” he says.

He went on to explain that  he was out, the owner was walking it, the turkey was doing the feather fluffing thing, so our waiter mimicked his motions and they danced.

Did you get that? A DANCING TURKEY!

Well, you can’t get much more incredible than that. We all agreed that “I danced with that turkey” is going to be a catchphrase for us.

Friday we just hung out for a while and Beloved went to his group therapy. He came back to the motel to pick us up for an early dinner and when SIL and I got in the car, this was the conversation:

Beloved: Jack.

SIL & me: ?

Beloved: Jack Lincoln.

SIL & me: ??

Beloved: His name is Jack Lincoln.

SIL & me: ???

Beloved: The turkey. His name is Jack Lincoln. His brother’s name is Leatherface. He has a harem and children.


A pet. A dancer. A lover and a father. A turkey named Jack Lincoln.

I’ve seen it all now. But in this place? Probably not. But how do you top a turkey named Jack?

Don’t believe me? Check it out here: Jack Lincoln

I danced with that turkey.



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