Pale Shadow of a Woman (A Murder Mystery)

a Pagan Murder Mystery
by K G Chmielewski, copyright 2003


Jacket synopsis: Mattie and Zeke own the local New Age store, a favorite place to shop for the local Pagan group.  If they just limited themselves to shopping, life would be easier for these two…except that as the owners of “our Craft store”, somehow they are the shoulder to cry on, theirs is the voice of wisdom sought for all problems, their store is the place to run when in trouble.  If the group had just limited themselves to crying, seeking wisdom or running for help, life would still be easier.  But someone has killed the High Priest and the rest of the the group can’t function without him, even as they suspect each other of doing the unthinkable.  Add in things like a preganant teenager whose father has disappeared, the bereaved widow’s affair with the deceased’s business partner or the homicide detective who is also a Pagan and you’ve got more funny business than Mattie or Zeke could have hoped for.  Now they are trying to solve the crime with both usual and unusual methods to go back to just being the owners of “The Green Man Trading Post”, the local New Age store.

Legalese Copyright Ownership Stuff:

I must ask that you do NOT reproduce or redistribute ANY of this.  It is SERIOUSLY copyrighted and if anyone is going to make money off of it, it’s going to be ME.  Every word you are about to read is MINE.  I thought it all up, I know who is the murderer and why.  While it is a work of fiction and does not actually resemble any person living or dead, nor any particular location(s), it is my artistic property from start to finish.  Do NOT copy and print it out for your personal use.  Do NOT copy and paste it into your digital library.  I have already had to make changes to avoid sounding like it was related to a local store.  Since I am trying to avoid copyright or trademark infringement on anyone else, I expect you to have the same respect for the effort I have made and for the story itself so as to make me NOT involve you in a long nasty court battle if you steal any of this.  No, really.  I’ve worked too hard on this to let someone else get the royalty checks.  I don’t mind sharing it now because it doesn’t have the final chapters…once it does, I’ll be submitting it to a publisher.  I really don’t want to have to litigate anything concerning the work I have done, the sweat I have poured into this.  Read it and hopefully like it, recommend it to friends…just don’t freaking steal it, okay?

Now that we are through all that necessary legal stuff, let me say that I sincerely hope you will find as much pleasure in reading this as I have dound in the writing of it.  With my current situation of being at home, I hope that I will be able to (finally) finish it and would appreciate the names of any publishers willing to take a chance on an unknown author.  (And extra points to those of you who can name the song and artist that the title is taken from!)

This book is dedicated to my own devil dog, Harry, the inspiration for Vader in all things Schipperke.  He was a true and loving friend for many years, a comfort in the bad times and a joy when things were good.  It was an honor to be loved so unconditionally for the time we had together.  It is a blessing to feel his presence yet and to be able to look forward to meeting again someday, perhaps, in the Elysian Fields.  But only if there are liver treats to be had there…

Also, many thanks to the friends who encouraged me and were willing to read this effort into the literary world.

Each chapter is a separate page here in WordPress, so click on the “Pale Shadow of a Woman” at the top of the page and the list of chapters will appear.

Happy reading!

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